King of the Nerds – Supernerds

Editors Note:  This is a review King of the Nerds – Supernerds.  For a recap of previous episodes you can click on the following links.

Series Preview
Week 1 – Meet the Nerds
Week 2 – Imaginary Realms
Week 3 – Nerds Without Frontiers

I know I’m late on King of the Nerds this week.  It snowed all day Thursday which of course means Direct TV doesn’t work.  You would think with our meteoric rise in popularity that TV execs would be falling over themselves to get us copies to review prior to having to just watch it on TV like the rest of the sheep out there, but sadly no.

So where are we?  Week 3 saw Brandon, my favorite nerd, get kicked off the island.  I was really disappointed in all the other nerds out there by not getting him back on the show.  Couldn’t you guys hack into the system and do something about this?

Going into week 4, I my nerd power ratings have Virgil, Ivan, and Alana as the most vulnerable.  Somehow Ivan has appointed himself leader of his team and it’s starting to feel kind of condescending.

Daniella, who I have maintained from day 1 is not a nerd, is really starting to act like she’s an actual reality show contestant.  Can you say Drama!  The mood swings on this chick make me think she might be ready to step up to the next level of reality shows.  Certainly MTV must see her raw talent.  She just needs to make out with one of the other girls, maybe Celeste. and she can punch her ticket to the next level.

This weeks challenge is to debate various comic book issues, like is it better to get super powers from birth or have them thrust upon you later in life.  Whatever helps these kids cure cancer I guess.  For fun, Jay and Silent Bob were on the judge panel.  I thought the blue team did a good job, but the judges saw if the other way so it’s 2 nerds from team blue to the nerd off (Virgil, Genevieve, Alana, Celeste)..

The votes are in and it’s Alana and Genevieve.  The challenge is a ridiculous comic book trivia challenge, which should have been Alana’s strength.  Nope, Alana got demolished and it’s time to go home.  At least she can go home to her friends (which I assume are all cats).

So 4 nerds are gone and 7 are left.  Are there really 6 weeks left of this nonsense?  It’s time for either Virgil or Ivan to go home next week.