King Of The Nerds Season Three

king of the nerds season 3

Ok, ok, I know I’m late on this one. But come, on, this is a Firday night show. Friday night?? I have a life, you know! Which might be the point of a nerd show being on Fridays, I’m not sure.

Anyway it’s time for King of the Nerds season three. If you aren’t familiar with the previous two seasons, it’s a show that takes a bunch of nerds, and they live together in this house. Every week they compete in a different nerd-themed challenge and someone goes home. Last man standing becomes….King of the Nerds! Which, really, is that something you *want* to win? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a nerd in my own right, but these people…I feel bad for some of them. It’s well known that stereotypical nerds sometimes don’t have the best social skills, and putting them all in a house together seems almost cruel.

I’m not going to give you a rundown of every person cast on the show, because there’s so many of them I’m not even sure what to do with. Here’s a summary:king of the nerds season 3

Looks pretty much like you’d assume they would.

So of course it’s kind of campy and the intro section involves the hosts doing a Terminator style time travel to interrupt themselves and make sure the teams are assigned rather than picked like in seasons past. After being divided into teams, they are set a task of building a Steam Punk Rube Goldberg machine. Obviously this is something the engineers should excel at. I like the challenges that are smart nerdy, because it’s about more than just a pop culture reference. It takes smarts to build a machine like this.

I would like to say, for the record, that I would LOVE to live in Nerdvana. I’m not good with collectibles, though, I just want to play with, and read, everything. Oh, I’m writing this as I watch by the way so if I seem scattered, so sorry.

They all sit around for a while and get to know each other, even though there’s a timed challenge ticking. Of course, the chick who is a NASA engineer, pipes right in to ruin all the fun. No drama at this point, it’s all too new for them to really start bickering, I think. Oh, I spoke too soon about engineers. A mechanical engineer, Ori, can’t step up. He seems frantic and scattered, we’ll see if he drags the team down. Let’s back up for a second, do you know what a Rube Goldberg machine is? Well one of the judges this week is the guy who made the one in this video, which is worth the watch even if you don’t like OK GO:


Oh the frantic breakdown at three in the morning. How well do I know that disaster time frame. But, if there’s anything nerds can do well, it’s stay up all night. So they neglected sleep in favor of working on their machines. Long story short, the blue team won (I have no idea what to try for spelling their name). This sends two members of team Smash to a challenge to determine who loses and goes home. One person nominated from their own team, and one from the opposing team. The two sent are:

This is where it gets catty, because you have to nominate one of your own people for elimination. Ori (pictured first below) is put up for elimination from his own team, which isn’t a shock. He was the only one causing static so far. The other team puts up Jacob. Which is hilarious because he spent like five minutes explaining how the other team was clearly going to put up one of the girls or the Jeopardy champion.

king of the nerds ori

king of the nerds jacob


So these two face off in a challenge destruction. They call it “Nerdzilla” and they have to study anime and manga. I’d be so screwed, I know about three anime or manga series. I would assume based on their jobs that Jacob is going to win. For whatever reason, they both have to dress in Godzilla costumes for this challenge, and they get to destroy a fake city as they answer questions correctly. It’s obviously really dramatic to draw out the length of the challenge, but they look like they’re having fun ripping stuff up.

For the record, I would have gotten sent home on this challenge haha. I got exactly none of them correct. And the winner is….Ori! Of course, the one bound to cause the most drama back at the house.

So we say goodbye to Jacob this week. The first week is tough, we didn’t really get to know anyone too much yet, and it’s too early to call a winner. I’m keeping my eye on Nasa chick, though. She’s all sorts of nerd. I’ll be back sometime next weekend with another review, maybe I’ll actually learn some names by then?

King of the Nerds airs on TBS on Fridays at (9/8c)

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  1. I thought that when adults started getting tattoos people would stop. I’m hoping now that the nerds have embraced them, maybe we will start to see the end of them.

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