Kids Shows Part Deux

To piggyback off my prior post, there is one other modern kids show that I would rank as one of the best modern cartoons out there, and place among some of my favorite cartoons of all time.  I would file this one under the “Pure Genius” category… ADVENTURE TIME WITH FINN AND JAKE.

ADVENTURE TIME is a surprisingly deep and endearing post-apocalyptic story about the last human boy on earth and his dog.  After modern civilization destroyed itself (as well as a huge chunk of the earth) with thermonuclear war, it brought back magic and fantasy to be experienced through the eyes of a 13 year old boy.  Finn (the human) and Jake (the dog) go on quests and adventures saving princesses, exploring dungeons and battling wizards… which all pays a giant homage to my 1980’s childhood.

Each episode runs in short 12-14 minute chunks, but instead of a bunch of standalone stories it all weaves into  a very specific timeline and mythology that stands better than any other show in recent memory animated or otherwise.  There is plenty here for both kids and adults with a lot of horror and fantasy themed elements that play well to my taste.  This is a show I DVR on a weekly basis and watch as a priority with or without the kids.  Additionally, there is so much hidden ‘easter egg’ content and connections between episodes, so each one can be watched over and over again.

If you want to get into the show, give it a few episodes before rushing to judgement, especially given the 4 or 5 episodes from this current season that aren’t quite as palatable to a non-fan.  But 4 or 5 misfires out of 104 is still a pretty good average.