Key & Peele Season 5 Premiere

key & peele season 5 premiere

I’m amazed that we are already at the Key & Peele season 5 premiere. When they first started back in 2012, the ratings were not good. It didn’t seem like this show as going to last. I loved it from the beginning so I can safely say that I was cool long before all of you Johnny-come-latelies decided that Key & Peele were cool.  Now we just started the 5th season on a show that has been ground breaking.

Here’s the thing though. Sketch comedy is very, very, very hard to do. It’s hard to stay funny and it’s easy to start repeating yourself. Key & Peele are starting to have this problem. I was not impressed with last season’s shows as they seemed to start to repeat many of their most popular sketches far too often relying on them to carry them through the season. The Key & Peele season 5 premiere didn’t really impress too much either.

Let me say that I say these things not as a hater of the show. I know that I hate most things, but I am a huge fan of these guys. I recognize that it is very hard to do what they do. The reason why a show like Saturday Night Live can stay on the air and stay (mostly) relevant year after year is because they are constantly changing out the cast and the writing team. There is always new blood on that show with new perspectives. Key & Peele have Key & Peele.  Yes there is a writing team, but K&P are the stars and they obviously have to be the focus.

There was a bright spot in last night’s episode though and the irony is that it came from a rehash of one of their most popular and over-used characters, The President and his anger translator Luther. They meet up with Hillary and she has her own anger translator played by the very funny Stephnie Weir (who is playing a hysterical train wreck on The Comedians).  This sketch was the highlight of the episode.

Key & Peele Season 5 Premiere: Hillary’s Anger Translator


Overall the premiere episode wasn’t all that good.  Aside from the Hillary sketch, the rest were all misses for me. I’ll of course keep watching though because sketch comedy isn’t a hit every time out of the box. I don’t expect absolutely everything they do to be a classic. They are going to miss more than they are going to hit. The key is to make sure you are watching so you can see the hits when they happen.

Key & Peele airs on Comedy Central Wednesdays at 9:00. It’s not always going to make you laugh your ass off, but it will more often than not. It’s still worth watching.

key & peele season 5 premiere