Key and Peele are Going to Hawaii

key and peele are going to hawaii

Is it just me or is anyone else incredibly disappointed in this season of Key and Peele? I’m not yet ready to declare it yet but I do think that we are not far from Key and Peel going to Hawaii™.

I’ve been a fan of them since the very beginning. They have done some hilarious sketches and have gotten to be so popular that one of their sketches is actually going to be made in to a movie (the substitute teacher).

Perhaps its that we all have such high expectations for this show since they have been performing at such a high level season after season. This is part of what Dave Chappelle worried about. How long can you continue to be as funny as everyone expects you to be?

Well. I think we are finding out. It seems to be about 3 seasons. You can be solidly funny for 3 seasons and then the decline starts. I’m not 100% certain that we are in the decline phase of Key and Peele, but I haven’t laughed once yet this season. That can’t be a good sign.

I know they have a lot of pressure on them to be funny and it is not easy to do what they do. I think they are both very funny guys. I think one mistake they have made this season is the driving in car cut scene. It’s just the two of them having a conversation but it’s rarely even chuckle-worthy. I don’t know if that is more for their own entertainment or if they intended it to be something the audience would like but either way, it does not add to the show. Here is one of their sketches from the most recent episode. See what you think.

Key and Peele are going to Hawaii – Laron Can’t Laugh

What do you all think? Are you enjoying this season or do you agree with me? Be sure to let us know.

Key and Peele air on Comedy Central Wednesdays at 930.

key and peele are going to hawaii