Key And Peele Premiere

key and peeleOne of my favorite shows returned last night.  Key And Peele season 2 premiered on Comedy Central last night.  I have talked about this show before several times because I love this show.  I’m thrilled for it to be back.

If you aren’t familiar with Key And Peele, they are two alum of Mad TV.  That makes my love for their show baffling to me because I have never even chuckled at anything Mad TV has ever done.  These two guys got away from that unfunny pit where comedy goes to die and have broken out on their own and they are succeeding.

If you want a 30 minute show that is very funny, you can’t go wrong with these guys.  Here is a funny skit from the premiere episode:


Key And Peel airs on Comedy Central Wednesdays at 9:30.