Kathy Bates Joins American Horror Story!

urlA little bit of early casting news coming from the folks behind AMERICAN HORROR STORY… in addition to all of the ‘regulars’ confirmed to return, add another dash of star power with KATHY BATES (MISERY, SIX FEET UNDER) joining as the ‘nemesis’ of JESSICA LANGE’S character.

Now if we only had some clarity on what the plot involved.  My guess is some sort of zombie/voodoo New Orleans-based extravaganza.  I can also hope that their season 2 case of scope-creep doesn’t carry over.  Focus people, focus!

According to the creators, season 3 is going to be largely female-driven with FRANCES CONROY, TAISSA FARMIGA (from season 1), LILY RABE and SARA PAULSON are all slated to return along with EVAN PETERS and more than likely a few more of the bigger names from the first two seasons.  I bet ZACHARY QUINTO will be back on board at least in some form and I really hope that either JAMES CROMWELL or JOSEPH FIENNES find their way back too.

The interesting tidbit on KATHY BATES’ character is that she will play a “bad, bad woman” expected to be many times worse than the character she played in MISERY.  Also, it sounds like there is some ‘based on a true story’-ness involved with the story.  I can’t wait!

Season 3 commences filming in the summer and arrives in our living rooms in its typical October-ish style.  I will update you as updates haappen!