Kathryn Hahn Is Midwestern Funny

Kathryn Hahn is Midwestern FunnyWhen we started our site our mission was to talk about all things entertainment but with a Midwestern edge.  There’s such an East/West Coast bias in entertainment, nobody was really sticking up for America’s heartland.

Sadly, with all our fame and fortune we got away from our roots.  It’s amazing how one Juan Pablo re-tweet can go to your head.  We were young and impressionable a year ago and the glitter got to us.

I know you want to know what state of undress Miley Cyrus current finds herself in, but not today.  Instead, I want to resurrect a segment from our early days where we feature a Midwestern actor/actress.

That actress is Kathryn Hahn. (I could never ever write professionally as I have a unique ability to bury the lead.   Seriously, it’s the fourth paragraph before I even mention the actresses name featured in the segment.  I have a law degree you’d think I’d write better than this).

If you are unfamiliar with her, let me tell you that Kathryn Hahn is Midwestern funny.  She was born in Westchester, Illinois a suburb of Chicago.  She has a bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University and did postgraduate work at Yale School of Drama.  She’s a seriously smart and talented actress.  Oh she happens to be funny as well.

What inspired me to write about here is that as I write this post it’s a lazy Sunday afternoon and there’s nothing to watch because every network was afraid to put anything up against the Olympics.  So I’m watching old Parks and Rec reruns on the Netflix where she played Jennifer Barkley, a political whiz from Washington that was brought in as a campaign manager by Nick Newport, Sr. to help his son Bobby Newport win the city council election against Leslie Knope.  Funny, funny stuff.

Her list of credits is long and impressive.  So today, we recognize her as one of our very own Midwestern actresses and say keep up the good work.

Another fun fact, she’s one of a few women who’ve gotten to second base with Jennifer Anistion.  Don’t believe me, here she is on Conan talking about the scene in We Are The Millers.  Pretty funny stuff.

Kathryn Hahn Is Midwestern Funny On Conan O’Brien