Justin Guarini for Diet Dr. Pepper

justin guarini

Do you remember who was the first person to win American Idol? It was Kelly Clarkson way back in 2002. Remember who came in second? No one ever remembers the silver medalists. Second place from that first season was a guy named Justin Guarini. Following the popularity of the first season of Idol, producers tried to capitalize on the popularity of the show and quickly got the two finalists in to a disastrous movie called From Justin to Kelly which is currently ranked as the 26th worst movie of all time on IMDb.

The movie for some reason hit Guarini’s career hard but didn’t have any effect at all on Clarkson. Guarini didn’t have it as bad as Brian Dunkleman (remember him? He was the cohost in the first season with Seacrest), but he didn’t ever achieve the fame that Clarkson did.

I was surprised today to find Guarini in a new commercial that I actually think is pretty funny. If they didn’t tell me who it was though, I would never have known and I’m sure you wouldn’t have either. We usually write about commercials we hate, since most of them are terrible, but this one, I like.  Here is Justin Guarini as the new Diet Dr. Pepper character, Lil’ Sweet.

Justin Guarini – Diet Dr. Pepper Commercial

justin guarini