Justified – Where’s Waldo?


On the second episode JUSTIFIED season four, the marshals start investigating the circumstances behind the bag and ID found in Arlo’s wall while Boyd tries to keep his drug trade business from falling apart due to the new pastor and his travelling church that just arrived in town.

Full recap within:

Ellen May (the hooker) tells Ava that she’s been saved by Jesus and doesn’t want to be a hooker anymore after attending a service at The Last Chance Holiness Church.  Boyd calls on Shelby to try and dig up dirt on Billy and the church and he comes up empty other than the fact that they move around quite a bit.  Taking them for hucksters, Boyd and Colt pay a personal visit the church during Ellen May’s baptism to confront Billy and inadvertently figure out that Billy’s sister Cassie is the one pulling the strings with their ‘ministry’.

“Oh, we all gotta eat Billy.  You got your collection plate, I got mine”

The chief breaks it to Raylan that Arlo killed somebody in prison after his visit the night before and Raylan tells the him about the mysterious bag he found.

“That mystery bag thing is giving me a little bit of a marshal stiffy” / “That’s a nice image”

The chief, Tim and Raylan leave town to try and find Waldo Truth.  They end up meeting a welfare family who hasn’t seen Waldo for over 30 years.  According to his wife, a man named Drew Thompson came to find him 30 years prior and take him on some sort of flying mission (Waldo was a pilot).  The name Drew Thompson rang a bell with Chief Mullen as he was thought to be the failed parachutist from the very beginning of the season.  As he puts it all together, the chief figures out that the dead body was actually Waldo Truth.  So now that they know where Waldo went, the search is on for Drew Thompson.

A new guy rolls into town, visits Lindsey’s bar and seems to try and get in Raylan’s face.  He later fights and wins in a backyard MMA match.  Afterwards he gets approached by two of the bookies who demand compensation after his win to which he responds by kicking both their asses.  Turns out that he is Raylan’s girlfriend husband… Whoopsies.  Although based on next week’s previews, he might end up having some sort of awkward friendship with Raylan.

“You know what we used to do to boys back home when they get tough?  We raccoon ’em.”

Boyd calls Wynn Duffy (played by JERE BURNS who will be seen in the upcoming BATES MOTEL on A&E) over to his restaurant who is a member of the Dixie Mafia to question him about his dealers encroaching on his territory.  Wynn executes the offending dealer and tells Boyd about Arlo’s jailhouse murder.  He recommends that Boyd visits Arlo in prison to see what information he could gather.

“But I don’t even trust the way you said I could trust you”

Oh hey there JIM BEAVER!  Just as you were discarded in the worst possible ways from SUPERNATURAL, I now find out that you are a recurring character on JUSTIFIED!  JIM BEAVER was awesome as Bobby Singer and there is really no reason they killed him off except to screw around with the characters like they always insist on doing.  Shame on SUPERNATURAL.  Jim, you are welcome on my television anytime.  Come back more often please.

Oh, and if it was bugging you as much as it was me about where on earth I saw the actress playing Billy St Cyr’s sister Cassie before… that’s LINDSAY PULSIPHER who also played Jason Stackhouse’s love interest Crystal on TRUE BLOOD.Lindsay-Pulsipher-TRUE-BLOOD-550x371

The confrontation scene between Billy and Boyd was a fantastic ‘Jesus vs the devil’ type of standoff and really shows the strength of WALTON GOGGINS as an actor.  He really is the shining star of the show overall which is not to say that everybody else isn’t strong in their own ways, just that Goggins is in a whole other league.  That guy brings at least 120% intensity to every single scene and he can nail even the tiniest of facial expressions that can speak volumes about the emotions he is trying to convey.  Another example being the shock and surprise on his face when Wynn shot the drug dealer.  It was laugh-out-loud funny in a way I suppose only Walton Goggins could have done it.


Overall, I loved the episode and can’t wait to see what happens this season.  Discuss below!