Justified – Truth and Consequences

Brief post tonight… I think my general lack of sleep is finally catching up with me.

JUSTIFIED delivers another strong episode this week that furthers the Waldo Truth/Drew Thompson mystery as well as answers the question of exactly why Raylan’s girlfriend has been hiding the fact that she has a husband.  Quick breakdown inside!

Boyd pays another visit to The Last Chance Holiness Church to try and bribe Cassie and her brother to leave town.  She refuses, so he sends Colt to break in and rough them up.  Plans get derailed when his partner is almost killed by multiple snakebites.  Boyd figures that the only reason he didn’t die is because Cassie milks them of their venom just prior to the snake handling sermons.  He brings a real snake to the next service and Billy tries to tame it only to get bit on the arm and collapse.

Raylan confronts Lindsey’s husband and threatens to take him back to jail if he doesn’t leave back to Florida where he violated parole.  He challenges Raylan to a boxing match but doesn’t end up showing.  Raylan gets back to Lindsey’s bar to find the two of them had skipped town with all of the cash Raylan had been saving.

Meanwhile, Johnny flips on Boyd and offers to kill him for Wynn.

On orders of Chief Mullen, Raylan and Tim visit Drew Thompson’s supposed widow Eve Monroe to “break the news” that Drew never actually died.  While they are talking, an FBI agent comes to the front door and Eve escapes out the back only to be abducted by another guy in a leather jacket who ends up in cahoots with the agent.  Raylan confronts him later that day after suspecting the agent of following him.  Raylan demands Eve’s location which the agent gives before killing himself.

Marshalls storm the hotel where Eve is being held hostage, capture the kidnapper and demand to know the truth from Eve.  According to her, the reason why everybody is looking for Drew is because he saw Theo Tonin murder a government informant.

I’ve found that it is pretty hard to rate the individual episodes of JUSTIFIED because the show has a very unique and consistent tone to it.  It would be like rating each and every bite of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.  Some bites have more dough, some bites have none at all… but each and every one is satisfying in its own way.  So let’s just say that the season is great thus far and I am excited that I finally started getting into it.

Next episode has Raylan staging a one-man manhunt for Lindsey and her husband.