Justified – This Bird Has Flown

urlTuesday night is JUSTIFIED night!  The fourth season has been excellent so far and tonight’s episode is no exception.  In all seriousness, JUSTIFIED is exactly how a television show should be put together: great actors working within a smart, witty script and existing in a plausible world.

So why is duplicating the magic so difficult?  Take ARROW as an example of a show that should be a no-brainer grade-A comic book drama.  The major problems with ARROW being the hollow actors and ho-hum scripts to the point that I refuse to watch it anymore.  And I actively worked to try and like it!  Also take THE FOLLOWING that for all intensive purposes has a fantastic cast but came out of the gate just walking briskly.  While I can only hope that THE FOLLOWING can eventually live up to its potential, it’s always wonderful to become privy to a show like JUSTIFIED that brings its best material from season 1 episode 1 and can be counted on week after week to deliver exactly what the fans are looking for.

Episode recap inside: 

After Raylan’s girlfriend Lindsey flew the coop with her husband Randall and Raylan’s large stash of money, Raylan and Rachel quickly leave to go find them.  Randall uses 20 grand to buy his way into a chicken fighting ring and purchase several fighting birds.  Maybe he would rather buy into anger management classes after he assaults a convenience store owner for hitting on Lindsey.

Raylan traces one of Lindsey’s calls and meets them out on the road where he gets into a fistfight with Randall.  Lindsey escapes after shooting them both with a nonlethal beanbag shotgun and Raylan handcuffs Randall to a van before finding out that all his side money had been wasted on chickens.

Ellen May asks Ava for her job back but both Ava and Boyd refuse to bring her back on as a callgirl.  Boyd is concerned that Ellen May would give them up to the authorities after seeing too much of their operation, so he sends Cole to drive her out of town and kill her.  They pull up to a gas station so Cole can finish the job, but loses track of her while he was in the bathroom.

That’s about it.  Nothing else on the Drew Thompson messenger bag mystery, but it looks like we dive right back into it next week when Arlo is possibly released from prison.

And now my wife just turned on THE ROCK on Encore, so it looks like I get a little bonus “Stanley Goodspeed” tonight.  I love this movie…