Justified – Season 4 Premiere

justified-season-4-new-premiere-promo-photos-and-key-artJUSTIFIED is a great show.  And while I have been slightly remiss with catching up on seasons one and two (and the newly released number three), I have now seen plenty of them to stand behind my claim.  Thankfully, season 4 starts out pretty solidly standing on its own, so it’s not at all difficult to pick up for the relatively uninitiated like myself.  And I’m relieved to know that something is there to fill the SONS OF ANARCHY-shaped hole in my heart on Tuesdays nights.

Episode title:  “Hole in the Wall”

The premiere opens randomly with a flashback to January 21st, 1983.  As a husband and wife are arguing over the paper, a guy on a parachute free falls to the ground in their front yard with a messenger bag full of what looks like cocaine.  “What is it?”  “It sure as shit ain’t Santa Claus…”

While Raylan captures and transports a murderer for a bailbondsman on the side for some extra baby-cash, two copper wire thieves break into his father’s house to tear out the wiring and look for a messenger bag hidden in the walls.  They are run off by Bob responding to the alarm.  Raylan stops by with the murderer stuffed in his trunk and ends up finding the bag in the wall.  The only contents are a driver’s license for somebody named Waldo Truth.

If CHRIS HARDWICK would only do a TALKING DEAD-like show for JUSTIFIED the requisite hashtag would be #whereswaldo.  Or perhaps #jugularshank.  But we’ll get to that in a second…

After a side-job of recapturing his perp after the copper theives steal Raylan’s car with him still locked in the trunk, Raylan goes to visit Arlo in prison to see what all the fuss is about with the messenger bag.  Arlo denies knowing what it is, but Raylan knows he’s lying and leaves.  When a fellow inmate asks Arlo about the bag, Arlo cuts his jugular with a homemade shank, so something must be pretty majorly important about it.

Meanwhile, Boyd is upset because a new church in town called “The Last Chance Holiness Church” is starting to reform some of his dealers and junkies.  He brings up one of his friends named Colton Rose from his days in the military and hires him to do his dirty work while he rounds up some of his unclaimed money.

Overall, the premiere was great.  Not a whole lot happened since they were setting up all the plot points, but it’s clear that the season will have a lot going on.  Between the significance of the bag and what I can only assume to be a less-than-genuine backwoods preacher, there will be alot of people to shoot along the way.  TIMOTHY OLYPHANT was solid as always, as was WALTON GOGGINS and RAYMOND J BERRY as Arlo.  I need to give special props to PATTON OSWALT on this one, though… he was downright hilarious through the whole thing.

Overall a 4/5, and I’m excited to finally get into this show.