Justified – Outlaw

urlThe weather outside is frightful.  Tuesday night television is so delightful.  And since I really don’t want to shovel the snow, let’s talk about JUSTIFIED.

Alright, so the last part really didn’t rhyme… I only have a certain amount of creativity at 11:00 at night.  Unlike the rest of the MWTVG’s, insomnia is most certainly not my issue and I need to actively fight sleep starting around 10:00.  Consider me an amateur narcoleptic.  If it wasn’t for a great deal of coffee I would be out cold right now.  Let me take this occasion to thank Santa one more time for the Keurig.

So I was slightly off-base in my last post when I complained about the seemingly long time transpiring without being able to find Drew Thompson.  Come to reflect on the happenings from the last episode, only about eight or nine days have transpired in Justified-land between the season premiere and right now.  It just seems much longer than that.  Maybe the thing that irks me about the whole Drew Thompson deal is that the words “Drew Thompson” are said about 150 times per episode.  If they dialed it back slightly, maybe I wouldn’t have such a problem with it.

Tiny gripes aside, this was another excellent episode in the season.  Head inside for a quick episode breakdown

Raylan offers his father’s deal to Mosley who allegedly knows who Drew Thompson really is.  After meeting with Raylan, Mosley tries to kill Arlo with a pair of barber’s scissors thinking that Arlo is drugged out of his mind.  Clearly not drugged, Arlo shatters glass over Mosley’s head and they get into a huge fight resulting in Arlo getting the scissors buried in his chest.

Boyd gets coached on the best time and place to murder Frank Brennan.  Afterwards, Boyd visits Frank to make him aware of the plans and see if Frank would offer him a better deal.  Not one to be pushed over, Frank ushers Boyd out at gunpoint.  Wynn Duffy stops by later to let Boyd know that Theo Tonin has a hitman en route to kill Drew Thompson and ensure that Boyd is collateral damage.  Theo’s hitman pays Frank a visit and ends up killing both him and his bodyguard.  He does the same number on another man that Boyd pegged to potentially be Drew.

Colt starts receiving text messages from somebody claiming to be Ellen May attempting to blackmail him out of $20,000.  Afraid that he would be found out by Boyd, he pays a visit to his drug dealer to borrow the money and ends up killing him to steal the money and drugs. “Ellen May” texts him where to leave the money and we see that Johnny is really the one behind the messages, confirming that Colt is not trustworthy.

After investigating the recent string of homicides, Raylan goes to talk to Boyd just to find him being walked out by Theo’s hitman who is still dressed up like a cop.  Assuming the worst, Raylan kills the hitman before he could kill any of them.

“Jeez, I hope I got that right”

Boyd invites all of the guys who hired him to kill Frank and lays down his expectations.  And also asks for a Dairy Queen franchise (?)

“I am the outlaw.  And this is my world.  And my world has a high cost of livin”

At the end, Arlow actually died.  After all this time, the last words he was able to say to Raylan was “kiss my ass”.  Rest assuredly this was a very bittersweet turn of events for Raylan and takes a big weight off his shoulders moving forward.

JUSTIFIED is hands down one of the best shows on television.  It’s definitely not the best show on television, but everything about it is so damn cool.  If somebody has gotten this far in reading and has not yet gotten into it, please give it a chance.  The previous seasons are pretty cheap to pick up and worth every dime.

I’ll give this episode a solid “A”, and the next one looks even better.  Something is on the verge of going down between Boyd, Johnny, Wynn Duffy and Theo Tonin… just a matter of when.