Justified Officially Renewed for a 5th Season

justified1[3]After waiting a painfully long time, FX has finally renewed JUSTIFIED for a 5th season just a week prior to next Tuesday’s season 4 finale.  It’s funny that I hadn’t even watched JUSTIFIED until late last year when I started picking up some of the seasons on Blu Ray, but it quickly took a place in my favorite shows overall that I cannot live without.

Hence my nervousness when there was no formal announcement.  Thanks a lot, FX.  According to the show’s executive producer GRAHAM YOST, he expects six seasons total although I can always hold out hope for more.

In other more recent FX news (lending further proof to my theory that FX and AMC are poising to take over all cable entertainment), they are launching a sister channel FXX to feature many of their comedy shows aimed at a younger crowd while also developing a number of 10 episode mini-series starting with FARGO to air in 2013.  That can only mean that FX itself will get bigger and better with their programming right along the vein of SONS OF ANARCHY, AMERICAN HORROR STORY and JUSTIFIED.  Which is all very exciting indeed.