Justified – Money Trap


With the best of intentions, I was almost on time with my same-night posts for this week!  At least I didn’t need to punk out and put up a combo-post like the last two weeks warranted.  Somehow JUSTIFIED slipped through the cracks but Thursday is a perfect night to catch up seeing as my Midwest TV Wife holds the TV hostage in an estrogen-fueled marathon of GREY’S ANATOMY and NASHVILLE.

If you would allow me to depart on a tangent for a moment, with DALLAS and now NASHVILLE, there needs to be more shows that are encapsulated by a single city name.  How about “Chicago”?  “Atlanta?  “Berlin”, “Vancouver”, or “Abu Dhabi”? How about “Englewood”?  I should totally be a pitchman.

Let me begin by saying that we were treated to another great episode of JUSTIFIED this week.  At this point in the season, I think there is one thing that needs to get wrapped up very quickly: can we find Drew Thompson already?  It’s starting to get old and awkward.  Nobody seems to be terribly intent on finding the guy except for every few days when either Raylan or Boyd leave the house that day with nothing else to do.

Potential spoiler alert:  My wife thinks that Arlo is really Drew Thompson.  I suppose that would make a little bit of sense on why nobody can find him and why Arlo is so sensitive about him, but I don’t think that explanation can hold up for long unless too many people are in on the lie.

Quick breakdown inside: Jodi (the perp from the season premiere that Raylan had locked in the trunk) wound up escaping capture and killing the two bailbondsman who were transporting him.  Together with his partner, they go to steal some money back from Jodi’s his ex-wife.  They run into Jackie who is one of the ex’s sorority sisters and ends up having a giant crush on Raylan.  After threatening to kill her, Raylan finds Jodi in a bar and kills him.

Johnny figures out that Colt not only beat up Teri but also never killed Ellen May.  Boyd and Ava go to a wealthy sex party to try and track down Drew.  Several of the rich guys tell Boyd to kill Frank Browning or else they will mess with his business dealings.

Raylan visits Arlo in prison to cut a deal with him in exchange for the whereabouts of Drew Thompson.  Arlo refuses and they part on worse terms than they were on before.  Raylan instead goes to Sheriff Hunter to press him for information.

This week deserves a solid “A”.  I’ll overlook the Drew Thompson stuff for now, but I’m really hoping it gets wrapped up quickly.