Justified – Decoy

urlAs expected, JUSTIFIED delivered in an enormous way this week not just from a “great episode” standpoint, but by delivering what was one of the strongest sequences I have ever seen from the show.  Literally everything was on its ‘A’ game from Colt’s character really kicking it into high gear to the storyline getting as immersive as it has been all season thus far.

But the standout performance needs to fall squarely on PATTON OSWALT’S shoulders on this one.  He has been a solid addition to the cast from the first episode of season 4, but this week was a shining performance.  Responding to a call at what once was Arlo’s home, he is met by one of the mafia hitmen looking for Raylan and Drew.  He commences savagely beating Bob as he is tied to a chair set to The O’Jays “Love Train”.  Bob can’t help but throwing out deadpan one-liners between the blows as the scuffle ends with Bob breaking loose and managing to shoot his attacker just before Raylan burst through the door to save him.

The stark contrast between the attack, the jokes and Love Train make it easily the most memorable part of the entire season.  Not that it was the only good part of the episode, but it’s what gives “Decoy” an “A+++”.  Also not to be missed was Nicky Augustine’s monologue to Ava about what ‘favors’ she had to do to get herself in her position.  Priceless hilarity.  Like I have said in previous postings: JUSTIFIED is required watching if you have not yet gotten into the show.