Just Watching…

Here are some quotes from last nights show featuring the grandmother, Ellen Barkin.

  • Guy: So what brings you to LA?
  • Barkin: You know the same, just a dumb whore looking to get on a reality show.
  •  Guy: The way I was raised the guy always pays for the drinks.  If you pay I would have to find some way to pay you back.
  • Barkin: Stop it, your mother should have spanked you more.
  • Guy: Oh, I’m open to that.:
  • Barkin: Are you for real, because your I’m 60 and still a sexual being feels like bull crap.
  • David’s Mother: David’s father was a swashbuckler in the bedroom.  He had a huge sword and new exactly where to stab.
  •  Goldie:  My daughter’s living her life, can you say the same?
  • Barkin: People aren’t always supposed to do what they want. It’s what separates us from the animals… and the native Hawaiians.