Just Saying on 10-24-12

We watch a lot of TV over here and MWTVG.  But even us grizzled and cynical veteran TV watchers have those shows that we look forward to every week.  You know, those shows that when you have a list in your DVR get played first.

GO ON is becoming that show for me.

If you go back and look at the truly successful comedy shows, the key seems to be a strong and diverse ensemble cast.  The first couple shows, I thought this show wasn’t going to make is as it focused entirely on Matthew Perry.  However, as the show has evolved, so to have the many characters on the show.

There is a character in the show played by Julie White (a Tony Award winner FYI).  She is one of my new favorite characters on TV.


Julie answers the question of whether or not women can be funny.  Although, I guess we don’t know who is actually writing her lines.



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  1. Midwest Mike // October 24, 2012 at 1:20 pm //

    I love this show. I think it’s one of the best new shows on TV this season. They have finally found a place for Matthew Perry and this role is perfect for him. I love the cast and the writing is great. This is one of my first played shows on my DVR as well.

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