Josh Holloway – Where Is He Now

I was sitting around with a couple of friends the other day (they are both Harvard grads so they aren’t really friends, more like highly functioning Aspergers patients) and we were talking about our favorite shows and of course Lost came up.

It got me thinking, whatever happened to Josh Holloway?  You may better remember him as “Sawyer” a survivor of Oceanic Flight 815. His rural Southern accent, selfishness, machismo, and folksy use of oft-abrasive nicknames belied his sophisticated and tender sides as an avid reader and a caring lover (I copied a lot of this from Lostopedia, because yes that’s a thing).

Anyway, a quick IMDB scan shows he really hasn’t done much since Lost.  He made an epic appearance on one of the funniest episodes of Community, playing the bad guy during one of their paint ball episodes.  The paint ball episodes are must watch FYI.

It appears he’s working on a show with Marg Helgenberger (CSI) and Meghan Ory (Once Upon a Time) called Intelligence.  The series follows a high-tech intelligence operative who is the first of his kind to have a microchip implanted in his brain (sound like Chuck to anyone).

There’s good and bad news about the show.  First the good news – it’s on CBS which only knows how to produce hit shows.  The bad news is it’s slotted as a mid-season replacement show, which means they don’t have a ton of faith in the show.

We wish him, as well as all other Lost cast members the best.  With that, here’s Josh.

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