Joe Schmo: Why I Wish the Mayans Were Right

joe schmo showSpike TV will be premiering the Joe Schmo Show on January 8.  Have you heard of this show?  If you have a brain in your head, you probably haven’t.  The show originally ran for two seasons back in 2003-2004.

The premise of the show is that the show is a reality show with people competing to win the show and the final prize but only one person on the show believes that it is all real.  All the other people on the show are actors and actresses portraying a character.  The one person who doesn’t know it is all fake continues through the show with all the typical reality show drama and he believes that what is happening is all real.

The show is truly horrible.  If you are watching the show, you want to be in on the gag and you don’t mind that an entire show has been set up with production crews, writers, camera men, lighting people, advertisers, coffee getters, and so on all just to make one person look like an idiot.

The show thankfully had only lasted two seasons before it got cancelled and then, the Mayans were wrong.  Because we were not held accountable for our crimes, Spike TV felt that there was nothing stopping them from bringing this horrible monstrosity back to TV.

On Joe Schmo 2013, the regular guy will be thinking that he is on a reality show where the winner will become a bounty hunter and win $10,000.  You can watch the trailer and see that this guy might not be the brightest bulb in the box which is exactly what Spike wants.  They can’t have anyone with any sense because they would figure out the hoax right away.  Spike has to have someone not quite as smart to pull this off.  Knowing that, you have to ask yourself, who will watch this show?  What is wrong with us if this show is successful?  We didn’t deserve to survive the apocalypse.


Did you notice Lorenzo Llamas?  Back in the day, it used to be that if Ted McGinley showed up on your show, that is was a signal the show was about to die.  He has been replaced by Lorenzo Llamas.  Having that guy on the show does not add any credibility to it.  What it does is show just how low rent this show really is and if I were the schmo, as soon as I saw Lorenzo walk on to the set, I’d get suspicious.  But as I’ve said, they can’t have a schmo with any brains or the show just wouldn’t work.

If you are interested in watching a show making fun of people that may or may not have reduced mental capacity, you can watch the Joe Schmo Show on Spike TV starting January 8.


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  1. So I read your blog post and decided to watch Joe Schmo. I feel a little guilty that I liked it. In my opinion, it’s not half bad. Joe Schmo is this really great guy… caring, brave, good sense of humor. My guess he’ll roll with the punches and get a kick out of it all once he finds out all the bruhaha is over him. We’ll see…

    • Midwest Mike // January 9, 2013 at 10:48 pm //

      I just got off the phone with Midwest Mo where we talked about this show for a good 30 minutes.

      • Haha. I guess I’ll just have to swim alone against the tide on this one.

        • No Julie, the conversation with Midwest Mike was how much I freaking love this show. I was a huge fan of the first Joe Schmo and am in on this one. Lady Liberty, I am pure of heart, may I enter you?

          • Fantastic, Midwest Mo!

            Any quote from Lamas was hilarious, especially when he was peddling the Couch Pouch. “I’ve got the sack of a 28-year-old.”

            Sometimes we just need a little stupid TV in our lives.

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