Joe Schmo – Say Hey To Ray

I know a lot of you are super sensitive out there and hate it when a reality show makes fun of a poor innocent guy, but Joe Schmo continues to deliver.  I think what makes it so stinking funny is how nice of a guy the “mark” of the show is.

Meet Chase, who for some reason really wants to be a bounty hunter.  I mean he really wants to win.  So many things happened during tonight’s episode I could never hope to cover all of them.  So let’s hit some highlights.

One of the ridiculous story lines has this guy (“Lavernius”), played by Segun Oduolowu being gay.  That’s not the ridiculous part.  No, Lavernius has chosen to only confide his secret to Chase and made Chase promise not to tell anyone.

So what is the “challenge” this week?  They hook them all up to heart monitors with the caveat that their heart rate cannot go over 124 or they are out.  Only Chase is really hooked up FYI.  So what do they do?  Of course they bring out a male stripper.  Yep, Lavernius’ heart rate shoots up over 124.  One of the contestants starts getting on Lavernius for getting excited watching a dude.  All of it makes Chase crazy uncomfortable.  This is just good clean family fun that isn’t hurting anyone.

They bring out a female stripper and Chase’s heart rate doesn’t move.  He said his wife would be happy that the a stripper with huge boobs didn’t excite him.  Oh that Chase, such a good guy.  Even though the show is fake, I hope they do have $100,000 for him when this is over.

If you aren’t on board, get on board.  The previews for next week’s show have the contestants being handcuffed to “real” criminals.  In the preview, a prison bus shows up to the house with the premise that there are hardened criminals coming.  Should be another awesome opportunity to screw with Chase.