Joe Schmo Show – Fear No Evil

We are down to five contestants on the Joe Schmo Show.  Chase has serious doubts as to whether this is real or not so the producers have decided to try to take it slower this week.  Well, five minutes in and they failed miserably.  The plan was to setup a challenge so that everyone would win and nobody would go home.

One of the challenges had a contestant drink ground up bugs.  It wasn’t real, but I’ll be damned it looked real to me.  Apparently it looked real to the guy.  I don’t have any clue how he got it down.  Freaking hilarious.  Problem solved right?  Wrong.

Another challenge had the deaf girl being buried alive for 2 minutes.  In rehearsal she said it wasn’t going to be a problem.  It seems that once they put you in a sealed coffin and start throwing dirt on you, even though you know it’s fake good luck not freaking out.  She lasted about 30 seconds and shear panic set in.  I can’t exactly blame her.

So now we have to have an eviction ceremony that was not planned.  The producers have to try to figure out who Chase is going to vote for and somehow work that into the plans.  They want to send Karlee home as she is kind of expendable.

So the plan kind of works and Karlee is evicted.  To be fair, she blew the challenge so it’s kind of her fault.  But she had the hardest job of all the actors.  Pretending to be deaf 24/7 could not be easy.  She did a great job and I suspect we will see more of her in the future.

In true reality show fashion they throw us a twist – they ask for a volunteer and Chase raises his hand.  The challenge is to have the courage to eliminate another contestant as you look them in the eye.  The producers felt this would help take Chase’s mind off all the doubts he had about the show being fake.  It really seems to be working.

The producers want Chase to vote off Chico.  It’s funny to watch the producers right before the ceremony.  One of them says, “Any bets on what happens here?”:  It’s been a year of planning to this point and it’s all out of their hands.

Another twist.  Chico gets to bring one contestant back.  He decides to brings back Lorenzo Lamas.  If you missed his casual pouch, Google it (maybe don’t on second thought).

Only two episodes left of the best fake reality show on TV.  I really am getting to the point were I can’t wait to see how Chase reacts.  What do you think?  Will he be a good sport or will he go mid-evil on everyone there?

They had better be paying him either way.

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  1. Julie Cooper // February 21, 2013 at 10:22 pm //

    Hey – Just got around to watching this week’s episode. While I still really like the show, something tells me I’m the Schmo…

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