The Joe Schmo Show – Bring Your Convict to Work Day

Editors Note: For a preview and basic background of the The Joe Schmo Show go here.  Below is a recap of week 3, Bring Your Convict To Work Day.

So we are off to week 3 and it’s a fast start.  It’s time to learn about fugitives.  What better way than by being chained to some of California’s most hardened criminals.  The task, learn from them and see what makes them do such terrible things to your sons and daughters.  Good lord, these guys walk off the bus and I’m sitting here thinking they are criminals instead of actors.  I’m nervous for Chase and it’s fake.

Each one of the convicts supposed crimes is worse then the last.  Chase of course gets stuck one on one with a guy who is allegedly guilty of attempted murder.  It’s so hilarious.  Come on, of course they are going to let 4 violent criminals out of jail to go to a house in the suburbs to be shackled to untrained wannabe bounty hunters.What to do now?  Yes, let’s have an immunity challenge with the bounty hunters strapped to convicts.  But not before we have to remove a “shiv” from one of the convicts.  I’m thinking I’m done at this point, but not Chase who really wants to win.  There was more fun and twists with the challenge, but for some things you just will have to watch the show.

In one of the more uncomfortable story lines, they have a deaf wannabe bounty hunter.  Her comfort item is a mannequin.  She brings it out and starts doing her thing with all the convicts present.  It’s completely uncomfortable for all those present and about 2 minutes in she completely loses it.  I’m amazed she made it that far.  I’m guessing the deaf groups are starting to mobilize as I write this.

The last attempt to screw with Chase has his prisoner escaping during a bathroom break.  The prisoner leaves a note thanking Chase for the good advice, which the show uses to blame Chase for the escape.

Thankfully the warden is here to save the day.  According to the warden, the average foot speed of a prisoner is 4 miles per hour giving us a radius of 2 miles.  So he wants to conduct a hard target search of every gas station, residence, warehouse, hen house, and out house in that area.  It’s classic stuff.

Problem occurs right at the end, when Chase gets a little too close to his Truman like environment.  As the show ends he keeps saying, “Dude, this is a setup.”  Is the show over?  Somebody fix it, I need 7 more weeks of entertainment.  We aren’t laughing at Chase, we’re laughing with him.

If you aren’t on board yet, get on before it’s over.

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  1. Julie Cooper // January 31, 2013 at 10:37 am //

    Have I mentioned that I love this show? I do feel a little like a bad parent for letting my middle school sons watch it. My 14 year old son spit out his drink when he heard, “Lady Liberty, I am pure of heart, may I enter you?”

    • Quite the contrary. It’s impressive that your 14 year old son understands such sophisticated humor. Seriously, when those convicts walked off the bus, I almost fell off the couch laughing.

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