Joe Schmo – An Actor Among Us

Week 4 of Joe Schmo – An Actor Among Us

In last week’s episode Chase got to close to his Truman like captors and the show may be coming to an end.  I suppose I could go to my DVR and see if there are any upcoming episodes, but I’m a lazy, lazy man.  So I’m just going to watch along with the rest of you Schmo Heads (TM).

If you’ve read this far, I assume you know the names of the players.  If not, here is a link to the show’s website with a list and description.

What I love about this show is that they don’t only screw with Chase (The Joe Schmo for the newbies) they also kind of screw with the actors.  You can tell when something doesn’t go according to plan the actors are all kind of standing around looking at each other with blank stares, thinking to themselves, “Why won’t someone tell me what my next line is supposed to be.”

Jake (the head bounty hunter) saves the day, but Chase has a lot of questions. So what better way to try and get Chase rattled?  Have the deaf girl bring out her dummy.  It took a little more effort by the cast, but eventually Chase is back in the game.

What’s this week’s challenge.  Make your own commercial.  Cause if you can’t get client’s there won’t be any money to pay people’s bail and then go chase them when they don’t pay.  I really love Jake, by the way is bounty hunting a real thing?  I know there have been a lot of movies about it, but has anyone ever actually meet a bounty hunter?

They start by showing Jake’s commercial and it’s freaking hysterical.  Hey Joe Schmo guys, can I get a link to that please?  Jake says, “If you run we will catch you.  We have a 104% capture rate.”  Later he adds, “We put the FU in fugitive.”  Classic stuff over there guys.  If I were Chase though, wouldn’t you be wondering why a criminal would want to use a bail bondsman with a 104% capture rate.  Wouldn’t I want to go to the place that maybe isn’t as good at catching me?

Joe Schmo ShowChase steps up and really takes over the process and starts giving everyone parts.  Of course Carlee the deaf girl asks why she doesn’t have any lines and everyone goes silent.  I know she’s broken character a few times and almost ended the show.  Come on, she has the hardest part and has done a great job.  doesn’t hurt that she’s smoking hot.  I suspect we will see her on network TV in the not to distant future (and no I don’t mean Guiding Light).

.Off to the eviction ceremony.  Classic reality show twist – there’s a tie.  We haven’t really discussed how to break ties.  What better way to break a tie than a good old fashioned fist fight.  They were kidding but that would have been awesome.  Instead it’s a coin flip.  Jake drops the coin on the last flip which is perfect.  Allison loses and really doesn’t go quietly.  Even fake female drama is a little much to take, so I won’t necessarily miss that story line.

Randy, I’m not leaving you out.  It’s just that you have so many great lines I couldn’t hope to repeat them all.  I think the best of the night was comparing Allison, who is Asian, taking a s**t in your dog’s urn to being Pearl Harbor all over again is awesome.

A long day on the Schmo.  Again Chase might be on to the setup again.  Come on guys, get it together over there.  My favorite nerd was eliminated last week.  If this show ends all we have left is The Bachelor.