JJ Abrams Believe

JJ Abram's BelieveJJ Abrams Believe premiered last week on NBC.  I missed the premier but was able to catch the encore last night.  Good thing NBC ran an encore else I might have been out on this show.

It’s funny how this show premiered 7 days after ABC’s Resurrection.  With the movie Noah set to come out later this month, it appears it’s all bible all the time now.  Look for TLC to come out with an Adam and Eve docudrama any day now.

Anyway, the show is about a girl with special abilities which as she ages is having trouble controlling.  There are people chasing her and people trying to protect her.  After the first episode I have no idea why, but I assume it’s a good verses evil kind of thing.

What gives this show a chance is the the 10 year old girl played by Johnny Seqouyah is pretty good.  It’s got to be one of the hardest jobs in Hollywood to cast child actors.  So many of them are just not that good and honestly it’s OK, they’re kids.  Buy after the first episode I’d say of this young actress whatever it is, she has it.

My only problem with this show is that it had a March premier date which means the network didn’t love it.  I hate getting sucked into these shows time after time only to have them cancelled without any resolution.

A classic example was Alcatraz but one of our favorite bloggers told me that she had some behind the scenes insight and that show was about to take a ridiculous turn.  Still though, it’s one of the things I love about Netflix.  I know they’re not going to cancel a show after 4 episodes and leave us completely hanging.

Believe had a good premier, but TVBYTHENUMBERS doesn’t like the show’s chances.  There ought to be a law that if a show airs and is cancelled, they have to publish how it would have ended.  Seriously, what could be more important?  Ukraine.  Missing planes.  Please, I still want to know why those Alcatraz prisoners started showing up 40 years later.

If you were unaware of the show, here’s a preview.  It’s slotted for Sundays on NBC 8PM CST.


JJ Abrams Believe