Jimmy Fallon Signs off Late Night with the Muppets

jimmy fallon signs off late night with the muppets

jimmy fallon signs off late night with the muppetsI’ve been vocal about how badly NBC has handled their late night talk shows, specifically Jay Leno. I enjoyed Jay’s last show and thought he went out with a lot of class. That’s Jay. Another show that ended this week due to Jay’s departure was Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. He is moving up to take over The Tonight Show now that NBC is kicking Leno to the curb. I like both of these guys a lot and am looking forward to Fallon on The Tonight Show. Jimmy Fallon himself is an incredibly classy guy that you can’t help but like. Take how he ended his show this week for example. Jimmy Fallon signs off late night with the Muppets. Simple, touching, not self-aggrandizing. I love his attitude and his persona. He is going to do very well on Late Night.

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I’ve never thought that Jimmy was a good interviewer. He is awkward during interviews and not in an endearing Conan O’Brien type of a way. It just isn’t that good. Jimmy Fallon’s talents lie in what he does with music and skits. He has the ability to create things that spread like wild fire. The interviews you suffer through to get to things like him singing with The Muppets or Justin Timberlake.

I’ll be looking forward to see what Fallon does when he premieres on The Tonight Show on February 17. He is moving the show back to New York and he is keeping his house band, The Roots so while some things will change, most of what has made his show so entertaining will either not change at all or it will get better. I’ll be watching to see what happens.