Jersey Shore

I’d be lying if I said I haven’t ever watched any of this show.  Something about greasy Italian sleaze balls – you either love em or hate em (kinda like Notre Dame).

I tend to fall into the hate em crowd.  I know we have become a society of the lowest common denominator, but I still couldn’t bring myself to watch this show.

So, I found it humorous to read an article about why the producers of the show decided to bring it to an end this year.  Chris Linn told the NY Times, “Rather than drive the show into the ground or milk it to the very, very end, we wanted to give it a dignified sendoff.”

Yes, the word dignified was mentioned somewhat near JERSEY SHORE.  I feel like I need a shower even as I type this sentence.  I’m calling total BS on the reason for the show ending.  MTV is set to premier it’s new show BUCK WILD in January and I’m sure they didn’t want 2 similar shows on at the same time.  Plus, you only get so much TV time in prison so they didn’t want to have a prison riot over which show to watch.

The final episode is set to air December 20th, so set the DVR.  I feel it best to leave you with the wisdom of Snooki: