Jeppson’s Malort Commercial

jeppsons malort commercial

jeppson's malort commercialYou know you are doing well as a liquor maker if your liquor has become known as a rite of passage. Jeppson’s Malort is a liquor on that list. It’s a drink that was popular in Sweden in the 1800’s that was brought to Chicago by Swedish immigrant Carl Jeppson. After prohibition, Jeppson sold his drink to a man named George Brode who had Chicago’s first post-prohibition liquor license. Brode then for some reason decided to mass-produce Malort. He left the liquor business and became a lawyer but kept producing and selling Malort because, get this, “he liked the challenge of selling the undrinkable.”

So this liquor that Chicago biker gangs use for initiation rituals who’s original producer says is undrinkable, is now a drink that is more used as a joke in Chicago bars. I’ve had it once and that was more than enough. It’s always a drink that comes out late in the night when everyone has already had a few and shouldn’t be drinking something like Malort. There was a contest on their unofficial Twitter page for a new slogan and the winning slogan was “Malort: kick your mouth in the balls.” There is even a hilariously funny Flickr page with pictures of people’s faces after they have taken a shot of Malort called Malort Face.

Now there is a group of guys from Chicago who have taken it upon themselves to help spread the word on Malort. They have created a commercial for the liquor that is both funny and accurate. They aren’t officially connected to Malort but this commerical has been going around social media for the last few days so their goal of spreading the word is working.

Jeppson’s Malort Commercial


So next time you’re drinking in Chicago and are about to make some bad decisions, make sure you add a shot of Jeppson’s Malort to that list of terrible decisions.

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