January Premiere Dates

Kevin-Bacon-of-The-FollowingTwo good things about being in January, the days are starting to get longer, and we are in to the mid-season premiere time.  Because there are so many shows having either their series premiere or their season premiere, it’s hard for the regular TV watcher to keep it all straight.  Being the ever helpful MWTVG, I thought I would help you with the January premiere dates so you can have your TV watching mapped out and well planned.  You don’t want to miss a single episode of Buckwild.  Here is the schedule of January premieres (bold denotes a series premiere).  Also, the list is not exhaustive.  I didn’t put every show on TV on this list so don’t use it like a TV Guide because if you like shows on ABC Family or the CW for example, you’d miss them if you only use my list.  Here again are the January premiere dates (of shows that I think are somewhat to totally relevant).

Thursday January 3

9:00 – Buckwild (MTV)
9:00 – What Not to Wear (TLC)

Friday January 4

9:00 – Merlin (Syfy)
9:00 – Portlandia (IFC)

Sunday January 6

8:00 – The Biggest Loser (NBC, special time slot)
8:00 – Downton Abbey (PBS)

Monday January 7

7:00 – The Bachelor (ABC)
7:00 – The Biggest Loser (NBC, regular time slot)
9:00 – Deception (NBC)

Tuesday January 8

7:00 – Betty White’s Off Their Rockers (NBC)
9:00 – Cougar Town (TBS)
9:00 – Joe Schmo (Spike)
9:00 – Justified (FX)
9:30 – The Burn with Jeffrey Ross (Comedy Central)

Wednesday January 9

7:00 – Stars in Danger: The High Dive (Fox)
8:00 – The People’s Choice Awards (CBS)

Thursday January 10

8:30 – 1600 Penn (NBC, regular time slot debut)

Saturday January 12

8:00 – Miss America (ABC)

Sunday January 13

7:00 – Golden Globes (NBC)

Wednesday January 16

7:00 – American Idol (Fox, 2hrs)

Thursday January 17

7:00 – American Idol, Part 2 (Fox)
8:00 – Anger Management (FX, 2 episodes back-to-back)
9:00 – Archer (FX)
9:00 – King of the Nerds (TBS)
9:30 – Legit (FX)

Saturday January 19

8:00 – Ripper Street (BBC America)

Monday January 21

8:00 – The Following (Fox)

Tuesday January 22

7:00 – The Taste (ABC)

Sunday January 27

7:00 – The Screen Actors Guild Awards (TNT/TBS)

Monday January 28

8:00 – Dallas (TNT)

Wednesday January 30

9:00 – The Americans (FX)

Thursday January 31

7:00 – 30 Rock (NBC, 1hr series finale)
9:00 – Do No Harm (NBC)


Those are all the January premiere dates that matter to me (and by extension, you).  I know I can speak for the other writers here at MWTVG when I say that we are excited for so many shows to be coming back to TV and for all the new premieres.  We will have plenty of shows to share our opinions with you on and I’m sure you are all thrilled to death.