Jane Leeves on The Benny Hill Show

jane leevesOne of the things we do best here is pander to the masses.  We are not too proud to beg and we are not too proud to give our fans what they want.  One of the two most popular searches that brings people to our website is people searching for Jane Leeves.  I have her ranked as one of TV’s hottest women over 40 and the internet agrees with me.

So in an effort to both pander to the masses and bring more people to our website (we are trying to get paid here folks), I am giving fans more of what they want.  More Jane Leeves.

Before she became famous for being hot over the age of 40, she got her start on a show that for some reason the Brits thought was funny.  Here is a video from way back in the day of Jane Leeves on The Benny Hill Show (nsfw-ish).