It’s Beginning To Look Like Christmas

As “Black Friday” is starting to wind down, we hope that you are off to a good start this holiday shopping season.  We know that MIDWEST MARK is off to a flying start with his holiday haul.  For those of you who may have shopper’s block, don’t fear,  the great people from Vat 19 are here to help.

I’m sure they are flying off the shelf, so get yours early, while supplies last.

2 Comments on It’s Beginning To Look Like Christmas

  1. Midwest Mike // November 23, 2012 at 9:58 pm //

    Perhaps it just shows where my mind is at, but I don’t think any male should be eating this thing in public. It falls in to the banana rule category. Also, how long is it good for? How do you save left-over gummy worm?

  2. OMG! WTF? I like it.

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