Iron Chef Redemption – The Redshirt Problem

Tonight’s episode of IRON CHEF REDEMPTION was good as usual but I’m starting to notice a problem.  It occurred to me last week when Chef Duskie Estes was eliminated after her cook off with Chefs Faulkner and Freitag and then during tonight’s cook off, I predicted who would be eliminated based on my new theory and I was right. (spoiler after the jump…don’t continue reading if you haven’t watched the show)

So what is my theory on how Chefs are being eliminated?  It’s based on name recognition of the Chefs in the battle.  I call this the Redshirt problem.  Like in Star Trek, where Redshirts were sacrificed for the greater good of the stars of the series, so are the lesser known Chefs of IRON CHEF REDEMPTION.

The first elimination was Chef Tim Love who may be a famous Chef in the food world, is not well known in the Iron Chef world, faced off against the better known Chef Spike Mendelsohn.  Chef Love was eliminated and Spike survived.

The second elimination was Chef Duskie Estes who faced people that are very well known to the Iron Chef world, Chefs Elizabeth Falkner and Amanda Freitag.  Falkner was immediately saved as a result of her performance in the cook off so it was Freitag and Estes going head to head.  It really could have gone either way since neither Chef made any mistakes in the cook off so what was the deciding factor?  Hmm.

Now tonight what did we have?  Four Chefs were sent to the cook off and one was going to be eliminated.  The four Chefs were Chefs Eric Greenspan, Marcel Vigneron, Jehangir Mehta, and Elizabeth Falkner.  If you have been a fan of IRON CHEF for a while, you possibly have strong knowledge of all four Chefs, but you for sure have strong knowledge of at least three of them.  If you look at that list of names, and had to guess who would not survive just based on name recognition, who would you say got eliminated?

If you guessed this guy:

Did you know who that was?  It’s Chef Eric Greenspan.  He got eliminated despite a pretty good cooking performance.  Since it all seemed to be pretty equal, what could have been used to decide that he was the one to go home?  Hmm.

If I am right about how this process is going, I would not want to be either of these guys next week:

Chef Nate Appleman


Chef Spike Mendelsohn

Based on name recognition alone, these two guys are in the most danger next week.  We’ll see if I’m right.  If I am, rest assured that i will be back next week to remind all of you.  If I’m wrong, then I will either claim a conspiracy or I will take advantage of the famous American short attention span and trust that you will have all forgotten.

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  1. Spike is on a show right now, though!

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