Iron Chef Redemption – The Redshirt Lives

I’ve been running on this theory that on this season of Iron Chef Redemption the decisions on which Chef is eliminated from the competition is based on name recognition and popularity.  I’ve been right for the last two weeks with the eliminations of Chefs Eric Greenspan and Spike Mendelsohn.  I was on track to be right again tonight, and then the judges shocked me.

On tonight’s episode, titled “Risk”, the Chefs were tasked with taking big risks with their ingredients.  The Chairman’s challenge started with the Chefs bidding for an ingredient and a time like we have seen in past seasons.  The Chef who gets the last ingredient also has a penalty of having 5 minutes less cook time than the other lowest cook time of the challenge.  This ended up being Chef Nate Appleman who’s ingredient was Mortadella and he had just 20 minutes to get his dish prepared.

Chef Appleman was one of my choices for the bottom two going in to this week based on my own very scientific analysis of name-recognition and popularity which seems to be the method the Producers are following to eliminate Chefs from the competition.  Conveniently, Chef Appleman did end up in the bottom 2 which was helping me feel good about my prediction.  The other Chef I had predicted would be in the bottom 2 however didn’t cooperate with my plan.  Chef Marcel Vigneron ended up winning the Chairman’s Challenge so he was safe from elimination.  I was still good to go though as the other Chef that ended up in the bottom was the favorite Chef Elizabeth Falkner.  With her in the bottom, I figured Chef Appleman could have cooked the world’s best food and he still would have been eliminated because there is no way the Producers would want Chef Faulkner out of this competition.

The ingredient for the elimination challenge was chosen by internet voters (which is a crazy way to pick an ingredient and I’m not shocked at which one was chosen).  The ingredient turned out to be anchovies.  I don’t know what was on the list of choices for the internet voters but I’m willing to be that whatever was on the list, anchovies were the worst possible choice and, surprise surprise, they chose them.

What happened in the elimination challenge was the shock of the series.  The judges eliminated Chef Faulkner.  I could not believe it.  She performed so badly in the challenge and Chef Appleman performed so well that they had absolutely no choice and you could tell it killed them to have to make that decision.  If there was any way for them to have not chosen her, they would have.  I was 1/2 thinking that Appleman would still be going home even despite his obvious victory.

So does this mean the redshirt theory is broken?  Of course not.  I’m always right.  You all need to learn this.  There are just 5 Chefs left.  Chef Vigneron is still in the most danger for next week.  After that, it’s a toss up and with the loss of the favorite, it’s anyone’s game at this point (except Vigneron’s…no way will they let him win).