Iron Chef Redemption – Death of a Redshirt

I said last week that IRON CHEF REDEMPTION had a bit of a Redshirt problem.  Last week’s elimination of Chef Eric Greenspan caused me to start thinking that there might be other reasons why Chefs are being eliminated besides their dishes.  In tonight’s episode, I was proven right and our next Redshirt was killed by the Klingons, I mean the judges.

Tonight’s Chairman’s Challenge asked the Chefs to transform a canned meat in to a dish worthy of an Iron Chef.  After being in the bottom four last week and having to cook for her life, Chef Elizabeth Falkner won tonight’s challenge by turning canned roast beef in to a rustic stew.  Alton Brown told her that he could get inmates to exchange their cigarettes for her dish which is a kind of high compliment in the food world.

The two Chefs on the bottom tonight were best friends Chefs Marcel Vigneron and Spike Mendelsohn.  I predicted that Chef Mendelsohn would be in the bottom two but I missed my prediction of Chef Nate Appleman being in the bottom.  The judges hated Appleman’s dish and I’m sure they would have put him in the bottom two were it not for Chef Mendelsohn completely destroying his dish.

I had a 50/50 shot at being right tonight and thankfully, I turned out to be right and Chef Mendelsohn was sent home which, if you are keeping track, is what I predicted.  If I am right again next week, I think we can confirm this conspiracy.  Here are the two Chefs for next week that are in the most danger based on the Redshirt theory:

Chef Nate Appleman








Chef Marcel Vigneron






We’ll see if I’m right next week.  I’m not sure what the producers of IRON CHEF are thinking if this is what they are doing but it will be interesting to watch over the next several weeks.  Sooner or later they will have to get rid of someone they like.  They can’t have them all win.