Intelligence – Or The Show Formerly Called Chuck?

Intelligence Premiered on CBSIntelligence premiered Monday night on CBS and it was well, kinda boring.  This of course means it will be a big hit on CBS.

Why?  It’s a simple to follow story line of good guys versus bad guys that CBS has killed with, i.e. NCIS or Criminal Minds.  Also, it’s not so fast paced as to scare or confuse the old people otherwise known as the CBS audience.

It used to be there was a reason a show premiered in January as opposed to the Fall.  Usually because the network execs didn’t believe in the show enough to put it up against big boy shows.  That seems to have changed recently as 56 different outlets produce original programming all competing for your time.After watching the first episode of Intelligence, I’m guessing CBS might not have had full faith in this show. It wasn’t bad, but it also wasn’t anything new or interesting.  In case you missed the premier, I should give you some background.  Here’s the IMDB summary:

A drama centered on a high-tech intelligence operative who is enhanced with a super-computer microchip in his brain, and the director of the elite government cyber-security agency who supports him.

Honestly, couldn’t that be almost the exact description for the show Chuck?  Exchange the word drama for comedy and I think we’re there.  BTW, whatever happened to Zachary Levi?

I know, I’m getting way off point.  Tim Surette from TV.Com wrote an interesting review of the show.  He points out how the character actions don’t seem to match how a real person would handle this technology.  Like how in one scene he accesses his computer super brain to open an electronic lock and escape.  In the very next scene though he fails to access his super brain to detect that he has escaped to the edge of a cliff (it’s called Google dude).

I guess what I’ll do with the show is to DVR it but watch almost anything else first.  If I run out of things to watch, then I’ll watch this show.

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  1. Being a fan of Chuck back in the day, before it totally went downhill, I thought the exact same thing! I guess the execs thought, “Hey, they got like 5 seasons off of that dumb comedy, so we can easily get another 5 if we steal the idea and make it more…’intelligent'”

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