Inside Amy Schumer

inside amy schumer

A new sketch comedy premiered on Comedy Central tonight.  Inside Amy Schumer starring the comedienne, wait for it, Amy Schumer.  First, I am a big fan of her stand-up and I’m an even bigger fan of her work on the Comedy Central Roasts.  The fact that I’m a fan of her had me worried about this show.  Comedy Central has been giving shows to any comedian with a pulse lately and the results have been pretty bad.  First, Nick Swardson (Grandma’s Boy, Reno 911) was given his own show and holy hell, it was awful.  I don’t think that he had any adult supervision whatsoever on the show.  It seemed that Comedy Central said, “hey, we have research that says young people think you are funny, so here’s a show, do whatever you want.”  Seriously.  That had to be what they did because the stuff this guy put on TV was so self-indulgent and unfunny that the only explanation possible is that Comedy Central wasn’t paying attention.  Don’t believe me?  Here’s a sample:


Awful.  Just awful.  After Swardson, Comedy Central upped the comedian ante.  They gave comedian Nick Kroll his own show and the first time I watched this show, I nearly wrote Nick Swardson a letter apologizing to him for the terrible things I had said about his show.  Nick Kroll should never be allowed to put anything on TV that he has written or produced ever again.  He should stick to acting out other people’s funny writing (The League) and leave production to other more qualified and talented people.  Don’t believe me on that one either?  Well, you asked for it:


Can you believe that clip?  I mean seriously.  That guy is getting paid huge buckets of money for that work.  He should have to give that money back.  At the very least he should have to send a check to anyone who has watched his show as reparations for what can only be considered a war crime.  If I were Nick Kroll, I’d stay away from The Hague.

This brings me to the point of this post.  Inside Amy Schumer.  You can see why I would be concerned about this show.  Comedy Central’s recent history gave me no reason to have any confidence that this show would be any good.  Well?  Was the show bad?

After all this talk I can say with 100% confidence that….I’m not sure.  One episode in and while I didn’t laugh much during the premiere, I also didn’t throw anything at the TV and that ladies and gentlemen is a win in my book.

Inside Amy Schumer mixes bits of stand-up comedy from Schumer, on the street interviews with people discussing some embarrassing topic, and sketch comedy in to an interesting mix that has lots of potential.  Schumer’s comedy came through much more in the premiere episode than we ever saw in either Swardson’s or Kroll’s shows.  It’s clear that being given a show does not mean that Amy Schumer will be losing site of what she did to get the show in the first place and that alone is reason enough to keep watching.  She herself is a funny person and if she will keep focused on her brand of humor, I think Inside Amy Schumer has potential and I’ll keep watching.

If it turns out to suck though, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Inside Amy Schumer airs on Comedy Central Tuesdays at 9:30.  Here’s a clip from tonight’s premiere: