Impractical Jokers Returns January 2nd

impractical jokers returns

impractical jokers returnsImpractical Jokes returns on January 2nd on TruTV for their 3rd season. Impractical Jokers is a hysterically funny show that is a favorite around my house. If you aren’t familiar with it, Impractical Jokers is a practical joke show along the lines of Jack Ass and Punk’d but without the adult content. It’s not appropriate for your toddlers, but I’d say it’s something the family can all sit down and watch together if the kids aren’t little ones.

Impractical Jokers stars four friends who play pranks on each other for the chance to not be the overall loser of the show. The friends, Joe Gatto, James Murray, Sal Vulcano, and Brian Quinn, are members of the improv comedy troupe The Tenderloins.  The four friends compete each week in various contests to see who can pull off the challenge or who fails. Whoever fails the most, is the weeks ultimate loser who then faces a truly awful punishment at the end of the show.

Here are some of their funniest moments from the first two seasons:


I’m looking forward to when Impractical Jokers returns next week. It’s a very funny show that is worth watching. If you haven’t been watching, DVR it. It’s only a 30 minute show which on DVR means you have to put in about 20 minutes. If you like shows along the lines of Candid Camera, you’ll like Impractical Jokers. I heartily recommend it.  Now I know, TruTV is not CBS and I know that sometimes it’s hard for some of you to change the channel of CBS but trust me when I tell you, there are shows on networks other than CBS that are worth watching. Impractical Jokers doesn’t have a laugh track so some people might not know when to laugh, but I”m sure fans of The Midwest TV Guys are smart enough to recognize comedy without the support of a laugh track.

Impractical Jokers returns on January 2nd on TruTV. You can watch full episodes on now so you are ready for season 3.