Impractical Jokers Returns August 1st

impractical jokersOne of my favorite shows on TV is coming back!  Impractical Jokers returns on August 1st to TruTV.

I’ve already written about how funny this show is and gave it my professional recommendation so I shouldn’t really have to repeat myself.  I’m not telling anyone to watch this show (since I know my orders are always followed), what I’m doing here is performing a public service.  I know that many of you have busy lives and just can’t pay attention to the TV schedule.  Without me, your humble professional writer, to perform this service, so many good shows would go missed.  That’s not something we can stand for here at MWTVG.

As a reminder about this show, here are some of my favorite clips:

Costco Employee


Roommate From Hell




Shopping Cart Lift


Impractical Jokers returns to TruTV on August 1st at 9:00.