I’m Not Happy With ABC Right Now For Cancelling Last Resort


I do hate getting sucked into shows before you know whether they will succeed or fail.  LAST RESORT is the latest show in that category for me.  The show was critically acclaimed, yet never managed to build any type of following.

We all have shows like this.  Last season gave us ALCATRAZ where in 1963, 256 inmates and 46 guards disappeared without a trace and mysteriously started appearing in 2011.  For those of you, like me, who invested the time to try to find out why, you will never know because it was cancelled.

MIDWEST MIKE has pointed out that a lot of the blame falls on ABC for putting in on Thursday night against the NFL.  It’s not that women weren’t going to enjoy the show, but seriously, this was targeted at male viewers.  What, they didn’t turn off the football game to watch your show, SHOCKING!

ABC has a strong list of 1 hour dramas – CASTLE, PRIVATE PRACTICE, NASHVILLE, SCANDAL, and GREY’S ANATOMY.  I think we can agree that some, if not all of these shows are not targeted towards males.

It would have been a simple fix for ABC.  Right now SCANDAL airs on Tuesday night.  Why not move that to Monday and have CASTLE and SCANDAL on the same night.  Those 2 shows would be able to compete with Monday Night Football as it is a different demographic.  Then run LAST RESORT on Tuesday against VEGAS and PARENTHOOD.

VEGAS is targeted to your grandparents and PARENTHOOD is a female show.  LAST RESORT would have been the male viewer choice on that night.  What do I know though, I’m just a middle aged guy watching TV in the Midwest.