Midwest Mark is Adopting a New Show… Justified!!

In the spirit of the Thanksgiving weekend bringing both sweet deals on seasons of television as well several thousand more calories than necessary, I am curling up with my recovering wife, a generous slice of French Silk pie and starting Season 1 Episode 1 of JUSTIFIED.

Both of my brother-in-laws and several of my co-workers talk very highly of this show, and I’ve always been a pretty big fan of TIMOTHY OLYPHANT (who strangely enough had a guest spot on SESAME STREET the other day).  With the 4th season starting up in January, it’s about time to start watching.

I usually have a bad habit of picking up shows late, which is a blessing and a curse at the same time.  On one hand, there’s alot of it to watch all at once.  On the other hand, I get spoiled on so much new content, it’s a bummer to wait for the new seasons.  I figure I’m timing this one pretty well.

And so far so good.  Highly recommended for fans of SONS OF ANARCHY, as there seems to be many parallels of theme and style.  I plan on throwing out quick disc-by-disc recaps of the seasons as I play them for the uninitiated as I initiate myself.

TIMOTHY OLYPHANT is solid as always, the writing is great, even the soundtrack is good.  Looks like this will be a keeper.  More to come for sure…