The Illegitimates #2

illegitimates #2

illegitimates #2The Illegitimates #2 was released yesterday and I couldn’t wait to download it. You might or might not remember that The Illegitimates is brought to us by Saturday Night Live’s Taran Killam. I wrote about The Illegitimates #1 back at the end of December after it was first released and said that I didn’t think there was much to the first installment but was willing to continue on because I have faith in Taran Killam.

Now I have read The Illegitimates #2 and the small feeling that I had that this was kind of a light comic book has grown in to a major concern. The first issue introduced us to the main piece of the story. Super-spy Jack Steele is killed by his arch-nemesis and main protagonist Viktor Dannikor. All is not lost for the good guys though as it turns out that Jack Steele has a bunch of illegitimate kids all around the world who each possess skills that their father had.

The first issue is spent telling us that story and giving us a brief introduction to each of the kids and what their specialized skill is that will be useful to the spy agency Olympus. What did we get then from issue #2? Mostly more of the same. The story line is moved forward just a bit with the revelation that Dannikor is plotting something big and the Illegitimates are the only people that have a chance to foil Dannikor’s plot. We get more of an introduction to the kids and that’s it.

I was pretty disappointed in issue #2. I thought we would get more. I am willing to concede that since I have been away from comic books for a lot of years that maybe I just don’t know how it’s done these days but to me this feels very light. The Illegitimates is only scheduled for a six issue run so unless they are planning on not finishing this story, I would say they are in a bit of trouble.

Each of the first two issues took less than ten minutes to read. There is very little dialogue and very little in the way of material. If we are in fact 1/3 of the way through this run, then Killam and writing partner Marc Andreyko have got quite a bit of work to do. The remaining issues are going to have to contain quite a bit more of the story or else this is going to be a very short and very simple story that I don’t think is worthy of someone of Killam and Andreyko’s talent level. And at $3.99 (on the iPad) an issue I think there has to be more. At this time I feel like I’m being duped.

I am still a huge fan of Killam (I predicted he would be the next break out star of SNL) and it pains me that I am not a huge fan of this series so far. I know it’s his first foray in to comic book writing and we can’t expect everything to be brilliant but I remain hopeful that he and Andreyko get this sorted out in the remaining four issues. Issue #3 needs to be much longer and move the story along much further.

The Illegitimates is published by IDW Publishing. Issue #3 is scheduled for release on February 5. I’ll be sure to keep you up to date as I’m invested in this series and will ride it out to the end whether it’s good or bad.