I Want To Get Better

We consider ourselves to be more than just TV over here.  Hell, our tagline is TV, movies, and pop culture with from a Midwest perspective.  So why not, I’m going to post about a video that’s currently playing on VH1 (yes, I’m old).

I’m sure I’m late to the party, but I love this song I Want To Get Better from The Bleachers.

The Bleachers are an indie pop act based in New York that was formed by Jack Antonoff of the band Fun.  Do I have your attention now?  Seems a little strange that he is in a major act and working on a side band at the same time, but I know better than to try to understand musicians.

tumblr_mcgtkjfAB01qa5z1ro1_500Anyway, the video was directed by Lena Dunham of Girls fame and features a few cameos.  Most notably, Retta of Parks and Recreation fame.

Mary Kay Place of Mary Hartman also makes an appearance as does Rizan Manji of Outsourced fame.

The cameos are only part of what I enjoy about the video.  The song starts as we see our main character getting dumped by his girlfriend.  He then goes to work as a therapist and sits and listens to other peoples problems.  The patients lip synch the song in kind of a Drunk History format.

That’s all funny, but my favorite when we cut to the patients talking about their problems.  My favorite line comes from Retta at the 4:45 mark.  However, there were many other funny lines in the song.

Oh, and I like the song as well.  I was on the elliptical at my local YMCA this morning when this little gem came on.  Again, I know I’m old and probably pretty late to the party, but I turned it all the way up to 7 and owned that elliptical, at least for the 4 minutes this song was playing.

Man this was tough.  You ever try to write a 300 word review on a 4 minute song?  It’s tougher than you think.  At least when Midwest Mike covers The Bachelorette, he’s got like 27 hours per week of programming to discuss.