I Hope the Mayans are Right Bret Michaels Style

The Travel Channel has announced that they have just signed a deal with Poison front man Bret Michaels (ROCK OF LOVE, THE FREE CLINIC) called ROCK MY RV.  Reports say that the show will be about well known RV enthusiast Michaels taking viewers through the thrilling process of pimping out RVs to make them Rock and/or Roll style pimp-mobiles.  Tune in to the first episode where I’m told by sources that Michaels will help put a penicillin storage locker and a foxy boxing ring in to an RV.

We will be testing the Mayan’s theory hard core with this show.  It is not slated to air until 2013 which is after the date the Mayans have said we are all going to die so, if it airs, it will mean the Mayans are wrong.  If the Mayans are right though, will we have really lost?  If we aren’t here any more, this show can’t get on TV and I for one am willing to make that sacrifice.  I would bet that most of humanity is also willing to die to prevent this show from making it on the air.  Wait.  What am I talking about?  9 million people watched 2 Broke Girls last week.  I take it all back.  There really is no hope for humanity.

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  1. Look, MTV’s Pimp My Ride was on for 73 episodes. I am interested in seeing the latest in penicillin storage technology. Seriously, gun to my head, I’d watch the RV one over the car show.

  2. Midwest Mike // October 18, 2012 at 10:06 pm //

    I’m amazed that this show got the green light. How is this a travel channel show? Question 2, are fans of the Travel Channel fans of Bret Michaels? I’d love to see the Venn Diagram of them.

  3. Pimping out RVs? I’m falling asleep just thinking about it. (I heard from my sources that the original title was “Bret Michaels: A funny thing happened on my way to the end of the world.”)

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