I Have Returned








I have returned.  If you don’t know the reference in the picture, look it up.  If you don’t know, get some culture people.  I can’t teach you everything.

So what can I say?  I’ve been away for a bit and I have missed my fans.  It’s been a very hectic time here in MWTVG land and it’s been hard to watch TV and get on here to tell you about it.  In my defense, you all haven’t done enough yet to make me rich to where I can quit that other job and focus on this full time.  Really, I blame all of you for my absence but I am nothing if not forgiving.

So what have I missed?  I know that Midwest Mo and Midwest Mark have sent out search parties looking for me but I am crafty, I was not to be found.  How have you all been?  Well it’s been really great catching up.  I’m looking forward to getting back to telling you all not only what I think, but what you should be thinking too.

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  1. In retrospect I do feel awfully stupid for how we conducted our missing person search. I have no idea why we didn’t start our search at the nearest McDonald’s. It reminds me of Julie’s Bigfoot map. We were all looking in the wrong place.

  2. Midwest Mark // December 12, 2012 at 11:45 pm //

    Just wanted to go on record to say that one person was so excited for you to be back they rated you up a whopping 4 stars (instead of 5)… LOL. And I promise it wasn’t me. Welcome back, buddy.

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