I Hate The Ricketts

Again, going back to our roots and writing about pretty much anything we want, I a saw story today about the Cubs reminding me of why I hate the Ricketts (owners of the Chicago Cubs).

The projected salaries of all Major League Baseball teams was just released.  Kind of surprising, the Yankees moved to #2 with the Dodgers trying to become the new evil empire.

Where did the team in the 3rd largest market come in?  Top 5, no.  Top 10, no.  Had to be top 20 right?  Nope.

The freaking Chicago Cubs will have the 23rd highest payroll meaning 22 teams including the Chicago White Sox will spend more on trying to put a decent product on the field than the Cubs.

I know it’s all about rebuilding, yada, yada, yada.  That’s a bunch of BS.  It’s a stinking conspiracy.  The other owners of course allowed the Ricketts to buy the Cubs.  They knew they were spending all of their money just to buy them and wouldn’t be a threat to challenge them in the free agent market.  Holy Cow where they right.

Had Mark Cuban been allowed to buy the Cubs we would not be having this conversation.  He would have rebuilt the team while wildly overspending for free agents to make sure the pro team was as good as it can be.

No the Ricketts have done everything they can to cut payroll and increase revenue since they took over cause they over extended themselves when they bought the team.  Why does NY and LA get to have the crazy owners that will spend at will?  I want a crazy owner.

The Kansas City Royals and Milwaukee Brewers are going to outspend the Cubs this year.  I don’t care if you are rebuilding we are Chicago.  Have some pride for god’s sake up there in Wrigleyville.

So as we look forward to another 90+ loss year while watching Starlin Castro throw the ball into the stands and outfielders running into each other on routine pop flys, I again restate – I HATE THE RICKETTS.