Hurricane Sandy

This post will demonstrate that I watch too much TV.  I sat down last night to watch CBS’s HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER.  The guide said it was a new show presumably about how Ted met the kids mother (I keep thinking someday it’s gonna happen).

I watch for about 5 minutes and I’m thinking this is long recap of last weeks show (cut me some slack, I’m already admitting to watching a CBS show, I know I’m not that smart).

Turns out Hurricane Sandy somehow prevented the airing of these shows.  Again, not being a smart man, I don’t quite understand how TV gets from where ever it comes to the picture box in my house, but somehow it involves the East Coast.

A little heads up from the guys at East Coast TV Guys would have been nice.  FYI, when you type that into a search engine, the second listing is advice on dating East Coast guys verses West Coast Guys.  This offers further proof that Midwest Guys are already awesome, but to our Midwest Ladies, you already knew that.