Huge Chicago Cubs Signing

Clark New MascotWe don’t often talk sports over here but we don’t try to hide our love of all things Chicago Sports (except the White Sox, we hate those guys).  The huge Chicago Cubs signing is worth some discussion, as for now, the Cubs are still on WGN nationally.

Introducing Clark – the Cubs new mascot.

My response?  Are you freaking kidding me?

So the team that has lost nearly 200 games in the past two years and by all accounts is expected to lose well north of 90 games this year thought the solution was to add a mascot?  That’s so Cub.

We are now four plus years into the Ricketts regime and what do we have to show for it?  Nothing is what.  I’ve hated the Ricketts since day 1.  Not so much because I knew anything about them, but more so because I wanted Mark Cuban to buy the Cubs.

It seems like sports media in our town drank whatever Kool Aid Theo Epstein was serving as all they can talk about is how the Cubs are finally doing it right.  It’s such a load of BS and makes me so angry I can barely stand it.  If cutting salary and putting an awful product on the field all the while turning your team into one of the most profitable in the league is doing it right, than they are nailing it.

Mark Cuban would have never tolerated this nonsense.  He would have paid to put a competitive team on the field while rebuilding the minors because he’s stupid filthy rich and it’s not about the money to him.  That’s the kind of owner I wanted.

How much money did the Cubs spend creating this mascot?  Couldn’t that money have been used to sign some mid-tier reliever.  I’m guessing this mascot will take more of a role as a grief counselor then cheerleader.  He will probably also need some type of defense training as I’m sure the Ricketts plan on using him as a human shield in the event they lose over a 100 games this year.

Why stop at just a mascot?  I know there’s a bunch of Honey Bear cheerleaders that remain unemployed.  Not to digress but why don’t the Bears have cheerleaders again.  Oh right, because a game with 320lb men knocking each other senseless is family entertainment and there’s no room for scantily clad women in the NFL.  Nope, I’m not here to rail on the 104 year old Virginia McCasky.

So that’s the end of my rant.  I’ll shut-up and drink my $9 Old Style.