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We periodically like to discuss commercials here at MWTVG.  Sometimes the product is so ridiculous that it’s hard to believe people are buying it, like Callous Clear or Wax Vac.

To be fair, if we find a commercial we like we will discuss that as well.  For example, the TBS App commercial or Cam Newtown’s NFL 360.

Today’s discussion is about a commercial that is being aired by a large publicly traded company which is involved in tax preparation services.  Basically unlimited resources with unlimited possibilities and they give us the following:

Wow, why is this woman smiling so much?

One of her claims is that she read the entire 900 page health care act.  I’m calling BS on this claim.  No way she had time to sew outfits for her cat’s pretend wedding and read a 900 page document.

You ever try to plan a wedding for 68 cats?  It’s not easy.  A lot of them have a history with each other and you can’t seat them next to each other.  Which ones are going to be in the wedding party?  Don’t forget the nightmare of a “Catzilla” (you know like Bridezilla only for cats).

Plus, it appears the woman has gone off her meds and on big manic mood upswing.  God help you if you are near her on the way down.

So thanks H&R Block for continually running an add for a woman that should be seeking professional help rather than preparing tax returns.  Really not depressing at all.


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  1. LOL! I want to know 2 things: 1.) Did Ms. Costanza read all 900 pages of the health care act with that humongous magnifying glass? And 2.) Is she related to George?

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