How To Live With Your Parents

How To Live With Your Parents aired last night on ABC and let’s just cut to the chase – it was awful.

The premise is that Polly (Sarah Chalke) has to move back in with her parents because she has made some bad life choices.  Most notably, she got married and has a child with a male moron.

I miss the days when TV used to have on dumb women characters.  I kid, if I wanted to watch dumb women I could always put on 2 Broke Girls.  Ba dum tss.

Oh, but there’s more to the show than just a girl who married a dumb guy.  Polly’s parents, played by Elizabeth Perkins and Brad Garrett, are openly swingers.  So the laughs ensue with Polly trying to shield her daughter from her parents rather liberal lifestyle.  I’m not going to lie, it’s weird watching Elizabeth Perkins playing a swinger.  I had such a crush on her after the movie Big.

Briefly, I hate to rip a child as it’s not their fault their overbearing parents are forcing them into the business.  Seriously, they get so much abuse at home, that I just hate to pile on so instead, I blame the producers.  There had to be a better child actor out there.  She might ruin your show single-handedly.  You have to go Everybody Loves Raymond on her and not have her in the show (like the twins never were on Raymond – have you seen how creepy those 2 are now).

Anyway, it was only the first episode, and sitcoms take time to develop.  I didn’t care for Ben and Kate after the first episode and that one really grew on me (I miss Brad Faxon, I hope he’s back on the air soon).  I will give it at least a couple of more chances.  God knows I root for every sitcom.  Every time one goes off the air, it’s just more time for Dancing With The Stars or Celebrity Diving.